“Against Trump”

Recently leaders of the conservative movement united against one thing, Donald Trump, and I decided to write my own piece uniting “Against Trump” with these fellow conservatives:

I’m going to address Donald Trump, Republican Party front runner as personally I believe that this election is pivotal for not only our country, but for the future of the Republican Party and the fact that Trump is the front runner has me deeply concerned.

Let’s look at the Donald Trump, Republican party front-runner who is supposedly the outsider representing the American people and defying the establishment by championing truly conservative ideas. This belief is entirely false and lacks any evidence whatsoever if the facts are actually observed. First, the belief that Trump is an outsider or different from DC politicians is a delusional belief supported by voters who have not done their research, but are merely trusting this fact because Trump himself says it or due to the fact that he has not held political office before. What these people neglect to realize is that just because Trump has not held a political office does not mean that he has no experience in the world of politics. Donald Trump has admitted to paying off politicians, donating to the Clinton Foundation, commentated on political events, and has consistently teased at the idea of running for president in elections past. He is no stranger to the world of politics. Additionally, it is not like politics is that different from business…you have to make deals, form diplomatic relationships to benefit your company, and create regulations for your business to stick to. In the world of politics the general job description is essentially the same, however some may see this as far fetched so I will move on to my next point.

Donald Trump IS the definition of an establishment candidate, don’t believe me? Look at the facts of his candidacy. The belief that Trump was at some point an outsider is completely accurate;however, the facts have changed. In the beginning we saw the party unite behind Jeb and Rubio as they though that nothing could be worse than front runner Donald Trump, but as the rise of Ted Cruz took place the party changed. Ted Cruz is the new anti-establishment candidate, Donald Trump is the GOP’s last attempt to unite behind a candidate who they feel will not do anything too crazy to change the party. The reality is that the establishment is scared of Trump and consequently they have joined Trump’s side defeating the very purpose of electing Trump, he has joined the establishment and is no longer able to hide behind a conservative mask. He is an establishment candidate whose record shows that he is a much as part of career politics as the rest of the candidates he criticizes. Likewise, his consistent record of flipping on the issues such abortion and gay marriage show his lack of commitment to traditional values or personal principles in general. I am not sure about you, but this concerns as to whether or not Trump is a man of character or not.

Despite all of this somehow the American people believe that Donald Trump is the supposed conservative who will turn our country around. If you still believe that he is the conservative candidate of your dreams or want to read other’s comments, then I encourage you to read this article:¬†http://www.nationalreview.com/article/430126/donald-trump-conservatives-oppose-nomination and let me know what your response is…