My problem with Feminism, Hillary Clinton, and the War on Women

This morning I was watching a Youtube video by Tomi Lahren titled Why I’M NOT A FEMINIST and something she said caused me to really think. Tomi said that when you ask a feminist or Hillary supporter why she should be president the answer is likely, “Because she is an inspiration.” Tomi then went on to question why she is an inspiration not because of her accomplishments, but because she is a woman. This leads me to discuss my problem with the left’s feminist agenda, Hillary Clinton, and the war on women.

Let’s start with the left’s feminist agenda by looking at the start of the feminist movement which, according to NOVA online, began with an effort in the 1920’s referred to as the “first wave of feminism.” The goal of women’s suffrage is honorable and in my opinion a movement that had to happen, but the feminist agenda was distorted from there. Feminist no longer became about allowing women to vote, but became modern-day radical feminism. We now see the feminist movement supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood and demonstrating for women’s rights by going topless etc.. This is where my problem with the radical feminist lies first, I believe the mission and the actions of the feminist contradict each other. An example of this is the feminists support of Planned Parenthood using the argument that those opposing it are against women’s health like the Democrats and Planned Parenthood have misses one crucial group of women. The female babies who are the future women voters, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, soldiers and doctors of America. Personally, I find it hypocritical to say that by giving women a choice about the future of their baby you are protecting women’s health when the argument neglects to acknowledge the rights of the human she is pregnant with. Specifically female babies who like I previously stated are the future leaders of America, feminist and Planned Parenthood are not protecting their health. It’s hypocritical to argue that you are protecting women and their health when you are allowing for the murder of millions of babies in the United States alone, many of them being females. My second problem with radical feminism is their effort to get employers to pay women the same as men by creating laws and regulations. The fact that I am a woman is not a disadvantage and if I am right for the job the company will hire me and pay me what is competitive for that job. I do not need the government to get me a job or control my pay just because I am a woman, I need the government to stop creating regulations on businesses that prevent women like me from starting a small business. I need the government to stay out of healthcare so that I can choose my doctor and who I want to take care of me. I need government to let the local school board and my state determine my education needs and standards not a one size fits all program created by people who do not even understand the problems my county is facing. I do not need the government to obligate companies by law or regulation hire me or pay me a certain wage…I can do that myself. Not because my gender, race, or government regulation, but because I am qualified and the best fit for the job.

This leads me to my issue with Hillary Clinton and her go to phrase “the war on women.” With campaigns posters like this one:

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She makes women out to be victims who need the government to help us “get ahead,” but this is entirely untrue. Women are getting ahead in the 21st century without government’s help look at Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina who was the CEO of HP and is one of the most intelligent candidates in the race. Being a woman is not a disadvantage or a crutch, and as a woman I am tired of it being treated that way. In my opinion, the real War on Women is the left making women out to be victims who have to make radical statements, go topless, or get government regulations to create an even playing field, While there are biased people out there as women it is not our job to make the, obligated to give us the job because of our gender, It is our job to be so educated and qualified that the employer has no choice but to hire us…not because of gender,but because we are the best fit for the job.